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Elementary & Middle School

I acquired Math-A-Matics Tutoring services for my son 3 years ago. My son was transitioning from elementary to middle school and was struggling in math. It was apparent he was missing some fundamentals in math and there were gaps in his learning. I tried a couple of other tutoring services, but their programs were not quite as focused as I needed and wasn’t as individualized. The tutor that we received really got to know my son, understood how to challenge him, and hold him accountable for his learning. Not only did his grades improve but his confidence in his ability improved drastically. I am very impressed and overall pleased with the results and experience with Math-A-Matics Tutoring services. Their tutor has made a lasting expression on my son.
Mrs. Pierce, Parent of Grady Middle School Student
Not enough stars !! Let me start by saying to God be the glory! Ms. Dawn you are truly a God send! My daughter has struggled with math since she began school. We have tried several different tutorial programs and non of them gave her the confidence and foundation she needed to excel. Believe me it was not only a struggle for my daughter but it was painful as parents to watch her be defeated. Ms. Dawn and her team did an initial assessment came up with a progressive step by step game plan that was tailored to my child’s needs and it has changed my child’s view on math. Math-A-Matics has been extremely beneficial to her. We went from Ds to B+, and I say we because they truly incorporate the TEAM concept. Not only is she exceeding grade level, she is explaining problems to the other students. A special shout out to her 1 on 1 Tutor, motivator, and life coach Ms. Brandi Mock. I know you didn’t sign up for all you do, but thank you, thank you, thank you for expanding my daughter’s knowledge and confidence in mathematics. What a Team, you ladies are truly changing lives !!!!
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson, Parents of The Imani School
“Math-A-Matics Tutoring helped our 7th grader to excel to K-level math. That is after their tutor worked with her from 4th grade to pass the STAAR. So today she has a lot of confidence in her math abilities and is excelling and we continue to have regular tutor sessions.
We have so much faith in Math-A-Matics Tutoring, that we started our 4th grader in tutoring today. I can’t wait to see how their expertise in math and warm interpersonal communication help to develop our youngest daughter’s math skills. I know from first hand experience she is in great hands.

Thank you for all you do Math-A-Matics Tutoring.”
Mr. & Mrs. Anderson, Parents of Warner Elementary and Smith Middle School Students

“I reached out to Math-A-Matics after seeing an add on my Facebook feed and I am so glad I did. Kimberly and her team of tutors are professional, personable and most importantly knowledgeable in all areas of math and Science. My shy 3rd grader opened up to Ms Valda with ease and my high school sophomore has enjoyed her Geometry and Chemistry sessions with Mr. Troy. And the best part is that we have seen the results already in her average. Yay!! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to help their student get caught up and/or excel.”
Mrs. Quintero, Parent of Jowell Elementary & Cypress Spring High School Students
After a parent-teacher conference, I contacted Math-A-Matics Tutoring to seek tutoring for my daughter in the second grade. I expressed concerns about my daughter’s lack of confidence with reading and math problem solving. Math-A-Matics Tutoring heard my concerns and addressed her needs. My daughter’s 2nd grade teacher and I saw immediate improvement, confidence boost and increased grades. I would highly recommend Math-A-Matics Tutoring!
The Green Family, Parents of Harvard Elementary Student

High School

“I heard from the financial aid office and they said that I was getting a merit scholarship because of my higher scores, so thank you!”
Student of Memorial High
“Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me in the last month. I will be sure to send you my report grades scores when I get them. I felt very confident when I took my finals this semester.”
Student of Nimitz High
“Great news: (my daughter) received all A’s and a B on her final report card for the semester. Her GPA jumped up by a full point last semester! Your program really helped, and we’re really grateful. Only one question: Are you available next year also???”
Parent of Cy-Fair High Student
“My scores went from an 1740 to a 1970 on this past October SAT… my goal was 650s in each category… I can’t thank Craig (his tutor) enough for helping me reach my goal. Thank you so much!”
Student of Kempner High
“(My daughter) got her scores today. She went from 1390 in May to 1720 in December. When she saw them the first words out of her mouth were “I’m going to college!”. Thanks again. You’re the Best.”
Parent of Booker T. Washington High Student
“I just got my new SAT scores from the October test and I did 80 points better in the Critical Reading! Thank you so much for your help; it really paid off.”
Student of Sharpstown High
“Thank you for your work with (our son.) He brought his math score up by 60 points. He was very happy and so are we.”
Parent of Scarborough High Student
“(Our daughter) experienced great improvement in her Algebra 1 and History classes, exceeding your promises. Thanks so much for your help and encouragement”
Parent of Lamar High Student
“Obviously, the time you spent with (our son) was very beneficial. His grades improved alot, but I was more impressed by his change in attitude and focus in all his classes. I am just really shocked at what you have been able to do in such a short timeframe.”
Parent of Kingwood Park High Student
“(Here’s) an update on (my son’s) most recent SAT score results: 780 in math up from 720, 610 in reading up from a 550, 650 in writing up from a 590… he is happy with that. Thank you for all your help.”
Parent of Lamar High Student
“I got a 630 on my critical reading, 730 on my writing, and a 630 on my math. I was pumped!… thank you for your help.”
Student of Memorial High
“(My son)’s SAT score went up 140 points and he decided to apply to Dartmouth. We know this improvement was because of your tutoring. We are so happy and wanted to say thank you.”
Parent of Yates High Student
“Our daughter found the tutoring extremely helpful, and she enjoyed working with her tutor. I much appreciated Leslie’s professional attitude and expertise, as well as the rapport she was able to establish with our daughter. Thank you!”
Parent of Kipp Academy Student
“I would recommend Math ‘A’Matics Tutoring, LLC to anyone. I really believe my son has gotten a lot out of his time (his SAT tutoring) with Otis. It really worked out nice that you came here to our home…”
Parent of Memorial High Student