STEM Enrichment

Student working on STEM projects in groups with MathAMatics

We make learning STEM fun, exciting, and effective!

Our customizable After-School/Summer Camps and Programs include providing opportunities for educational and social growth through collaborative project-based learning focus on Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS) and cognitive development to build problem-solving skills.

All programs by Math-A-Matics Tutoring, LLC include the following:

  • Introduction to the ideals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,& Mathematics) and the different fields that use it
  • Developing team building skills, problem solving, and effective communication and its importance in school and future career roles
  • Real-world experience and project based on STEM Fields
  • Study and social skills activity through Cognitive Learning

We help students “Make the Summer Count” by offering our STEM focused Math and Engineering during the summer months. These camps are designed to help students master topics covered during the first semester of each course for grades 3-5 and  6-8. We offer half day camps and full day camps where each week covers a new math/engineering concept and activity. Camp located is in Cypress, Texas.

Campers have the opportunity to work on exciting specialty summer projects focused with instruction to get your student prepared for the Fall Semester. Some Specialty camp themes include: “Science & Engineering”,“Architecture & Engineering”, “Ready, Set, Go, Take Off”, “Mathepreneurs: “There’s Money in Math””, and “Projectiles in Motion”, math and engineering games (Allowance Game, Pop Up Math, etc.) , and team based activities – and that is just the very beginning!

Even if it’s not summer, save this page! We will use this page to announce the next camp!