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Math-A-Matics Tutoring is proud to offer our Online Tutoring & Math Homework Help program in the Houston area. We provide clients the same individually tailored academic support but by means of a secure web conferencing/meeting software which allows us to set up online meeting rooms with a whiteboard, voice/video conferencing and desktop sharing. Our online math tutors in Houston and students are able to see and hear each other, automatically save recordings of the session, print all session notes, and upload and simultaneously work on documents just as if they were sitting side by side and writing on the same paper.

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Our online math tutoring and homework help service in Houston uses a pen and touch tablet that we provide free of charge as part of our online math tutoring program.  One of the largest frustrations that arise with online tutoring is trying to write math with a mouse and or typing it out. The tablet used allows students to write math by hand just as they do in class, on a test, and at home doing homework. Between our experienced instructors and our state of the art software, our online tutors can effectively help students in Houston with math homework and test studying.

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